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Landscaping is a wise investment

According to a study by "Nurseryretailer.com", The landscaping of a home raises it's average resale value by 15%! No other home improvement project has that kind of recovery!

Landscaping = 100-200% recovery rate
Kitchen remodel = 75-125% recovery rate
Bathroom remodel = 20-120% recovery rate
Swimming pool = 20-50% recovery rate

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just spruce up for the season, Martin Landscape has the experience and equipment to do the job right!

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Our fine landscapes are designed to provide an elegant atmosphere every season of the year.

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Picture of fish in a japanese koi pond

Water features add value and elegance to your home landscape, from japanese koi ponds, waterfalls to fountains, let our years of masonry and irrigation experience design and build a formal water feature for your home which compliments your landscape.


Nothing says relaxation like the gentle sound of trickling water









Decorative aquatic features have had sensory appeal since they were used in ancient Greece as odes to Aphrodite, the greek goddess of love. While we may no longer Picture of a fountain with landscape lightingbe paying homage to the old greek gods by building a fountain, one thing remains the same;


The elegance and grandeur fountains can bring to any landscape.


Whether you are looking for a natural stone garden fountain, pool fountains, rising jet pond fountains, feng shui fountains or ornamental garden fountains; Martin Landscape can professionally design and install your new aquatic feature











Garden ponds add beauty and tranquility to your garden area. Picture of a reflection pondFrom reflective Japanese koi ponds to ornamental grass frog ponds, we can install and maintain quality residential ponds to build the landscape atmosphere you are looking for.


Although water gardens can be almost any size or depth, they are typically small and relatively shallow, generally less than twenty inches in depth. This is because most aquatic plants are depth sensitive and require a specific water depth in order to thrive. The particular species inhabiting each water garden will ultimately determine the actual surface area and depth required.


Quality garden ponds start with precise planning and materials which are capable of lasting through the harsh north east winters.







Selecting a waterfall design depends on your own tastes but it is wise to look around at other projects and photos to compare features and design.Picture of a small accent waterfall and granite steps, round stone wall Will a particular fountain complement your landscape plan, or is it too large and invasive? Our landscape professionals can help guide you through the entire process.
Waterfall design should consider property slopes and architecture styles, connecting ponds or pools and water flow. A common mistake is to build a tall/large waterfall. While the result may be a dramatic change to your landscape, it could appear out of place among your existing landscape features. In most cases, a smaller waterfall will  give you the sounds and visual pleasure you want while providing better balance and harmony with your existing landscape design.