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Landscaping is a wise investment

According to a study by "", The landscaping of a home raises it's average resale value by 15%! No other home improvement project has that kind of recovery!

Landscaping = 100-200% recovery rate
Kitchen remodel = 75-125% recovery rate
Bathroom remodel = 20-120% recovery rate
Swimming pool = 20-50% recovery rate

Whether you are looking to sell your home or just spruce up for the season, Martin Landscape has the experience and equipment to do the job right!

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Our fine landscapes are designed to provide an elegant atmosphere every season of the year.

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When designing an outdoor living space, you must first decide what you intend to use the space for. Picture of pool deck with decorative bamboo perimeter Will you be cooking, entertaining, relaxing or looking for inner tranquility and solitude? The size of the space should be determined based on how you'll use it. Will you be purchasing outdoor furniture, installing a fire pit, grill, walls, privacy plantings, etc..?

We specialize in the design & construction of quality patios , walkways, walls and driveways. Both with natural stone and fabricated brick and pavers.




We specialize in natural stone such as: New York & Pennsylvania bluestone, Cobblestone, Goshen, Ashfield, Washed round pea stone, stockyard or hand-picked local quarry stone.


Some of our most popular types of pavers we use include Ideal, Uni-Lock, Bolduc, Eldorodo Stone, Cultured Stone, Cambridge Pavers, each giving a unique and sophisticated compliment to the natural beauty of your homes landscape.




Picture of a few brick patterns commonly used

Once a type of stone or brick is chosen for your beautiful new stonescape, choosing the right pattern to compliment your landscape and desired aesthetic look is the next part of the design process. Here are a few of our most popular brick paver patterns used in the area.








Patios & Driveways


We are certified by ICPI (Interlocking concrete pavement institute) the governing body of the paver industry. ICPI provides the guidelines by which all pavers should be installed for maximum efficiency. Picture of a unilock paver drivewayOur installers have been certified by the ICPI, which means the institute has educated them on the proper installation techniques for brick pavers, so you can get the most out of your hardscape project. Our staff strictly adheres to the standards set forth by the ICPI.











For that old town look and feel, reclaimed worn weathered granite, cobblestone or brick can be used on your project. Picture of a natural stone walkwayDesign elements also may include the use of pervious materials which are instrumental in recharging groundwater and reducing storm water runoff.This capability can reduce the need for retention ponds, swales, and other storm water management devices.Permeable pavement integrates hardscape surfaces with storm water management. Crushed stone, washed pea stone, Belgian block, grass-pave and eco-blocks are excellent ecologically friendly examples.










Looking for ideas for your backyard or a boost of curb appeal? Does your landscape need a retaining wall or functional sunken fire pit? Not sure how to tackle a tough yard grade? A retaining wall or decorative stone wall may be the creative solution to your landscape needs.

Picture of an elaborateinground stone fireplace


Retaining walls serve many purposes when it comes to landscaping. No longer only providing functionality, a retaining wall today is expected to enhance the landscape rather than just blend in. You might even wonder with the beauty and elegance a retaining wall can add; if it may have been intentionally added and the function came after.


This recessed firepit creates an inviting area for social gatherings or relaxation while adding to the natural ambiance of the landscape.



If you are planning an outdoor project give us a call today at 781-631-4324, or fill out our online form and we will contact you for an appointment. We service the entire North Shore area.

Picture of ICPI installer emblem